Non-AL Students

The Dean's Office in the College of Arts & Letters understands that CDT is an attractive program for many students outside the College. However, limited resources and high student demand within the College means that CDT cannot be opened to every undergraduate in the University. Nonetheless, the College will consider program admission once each year for non-AL students on a limited and competitive basis. Admission of non-AL students each year will depend on current program size and other considerations. In some years, no admissions of non-AL students may be possible.  

How to Apply

A Google form application is available here for non-AL students to complete. This completed application will be submitted to the CDT program director.  Applications for program enrollment in the next year should be submitted no later than the last Friday before Spring Break of the preceding year. The program director will review all new applications each Spring and make any admissions that are possible and warranted based on application materials. Among the considerations that will influence a decision to admit a non-AL applicant to CDT will be factors such as the applicant's current college and program of study, the case made in the application for how CDT complements a student's major(s) and career goals, as well as the quality of the students performance record thus far at Notre Dame.

How to Take CDT Classes

Students should note that it may be possible to enroll in certain CDT classes even without being a program student.  The CDT office (Claire Shely, maintains a waiting list each semester for CDT classes.  If seats remain in those classes late in the registration cycle after CDT students have registered, seats may be opened to those on this waiting list. Of course, preference is given to any CDT students on the list, but non-CDT students can be and have been granted permission to enroll.  If you are interested in CDT classes, please contact Claire and let her know the specific class waiting lists to which you want to be added.