Michelle Wirth

Assistant Professor


Dr. Wirth studies the physiology of emotion and motivation with a focus on neuroendocrine systems. She is interested in how stress-responsive and other hormones, including cortisol, oxytocin, allopregnanolone, and testosterone, affect the brain and therefore modulate emotional, motivational, and cognitive processes. She is also interested in how dysregulation in stress hormone systems might contribute to emotion-processing disruptions in affective disorders such as depression.

Dr. Wirth's current projects include investigations of effects of oxytocin on emotional responses and cognition; and a National Institutes on Aging-funded project examining the life stress and resilience factors that contribute to and result from altered HPA axis negative feedback, capitalizing on the Notre Dame Health & Well-Being (NDHWB) study sample.

Contact Information:

Phone: 574-631-1635
Office: 123-B Haggar Hall
E-mail: mwirth@nd.edu
Website: http://psychology.nd.edu/faculty/faculty-by-alpha/michelle-wirth/
Lab: http://nd.edu/~streslab


CDT 30520 Introduction to Biopsychology (PSY 30501)

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