Technology as a Profession Core

Technology as a Profession – CDT 30030

This course is a new 1 credit class that will be required for all CDT program students that have declared the minor on or after August 22, 2017.  The course must be completed before graduation, along with the two required core programming courses. This course can be taken in any semester and it does not have pre-requisites.  Ordinarily, students will take this course in their junior or senior years.  The purpose of this course is to give all CDT students an opportunity to hear from experienced technology professionals about various matters including what led them to a technology career, what preparation they had for their careers, how liberal arts students can thrive in this profession, and what advice they would give students now based on their own professional experiences. The class will meet once a week for an hour on Thursday nights. Over the course of each semester, approximately 6-7 speakers will present to the class and have dialogue with the students. We anticipate having speakers who hold various technology positions, some of whom may be Notre Dame Alumni. We will work with the speakers to identify timely and relevant topics that complement CDT program goals.  On weeks with a speaker, readings may be assigned as background. For these meetings, all assigned readings should be completed prior to the class day, and students should have identified topic-related questions and points for discussion with the speaker. On any week when there is no scheduled speaker, a relevant technology-related discussion topic will be identified by the instructor, and one or more class readings will be assigned.  For each topic, a pre-determined group of students will make a 20-min presentation on the topic followed by a class discussion.