Elements of Computing Core


All program students must complete a common core two semester (Fall-Spring) sequence in the Python programming language. These courses are described below and are designed specifically for those with no programming background.

Course options:

  • CDT 30010 Elements of Computing 1 (CSE 10101
    Introduction to programming for students without prior programming experience. Programming structures suitable for basic computation. Elements of computer organization and networking. Development of programming skills including data manipulation, multimedia programming, and networking. Standards for exchange and presentation of data. Comprehensive programming experience using Python.
  • CDT 30020 Elements of Computing 2 (CSE 10102
    Intermediate level programming using Python. Object-oriented programming and elements of software design. Development environments. Web services and APIs, including web service design. Cloud-based services for storage, retrieval, and computation. Course project incorporating the generation/acquisition, manipulation, and presentation of data.