All courses listed below are cross-listed in other departments or programs on campus. In most cases, CDT will have a limited number of seats in these courses in any particular semester.  Students should keep this limited availability in mind when planning their CDT course schedules.

Specialty Courses May Change

The particular courses shown below for each track may change over time as other relevant classes are identified and approved or as new courses emerge. The list will remain fluid so as to accommodate new developments or changes within the departments/programs that are partnering with CDT to offer this unique interdisciplinary minor.


Note that some CDT specialty courses may have prerequisites within the sponsoring departments or programs. In that case, CDT students are responsible for satisfying any necessary prerequisites in advance of taking those courses. Prerequisite courses may be outside of CDT requirements and in those cases students will need to take them as non-CDT electives.

Courses With and Without Computational or Digital Focus

As noted on the Requirements page, most, but not all CDT courses will have a significant computational or digital focus that involves student learning/use of technology. CDT students are limited to only one specialty course without such computational/digital focus. Courses of both types are clearly designated below for each track when applicable.

Required Courses

Core Course Sequence

All program students will complete a common core two semester (Fall-Spring) sequence in the Python programming language. These courses will be offered every year by a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and are designed specifically for those with no programming background.

Course options:

  • CDT 30010 Elements of Computing 1 (CSE 10101)(FALL)
  • CDT 30020 Elements of Computing 2 (CSE 10102)(SPRING)
  • CDT 30030 Technology as a Profession (FALL/SPRING)

Specialty Track Courses

User Interface and Experience

This track allows students to focus on how technology systems should be designed to enhance and maximize the user experience.

Course options with computational/digital focus:

  • 23100 Learning, Design & Technology (NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
  • 20100 ID: Rapid Visualization (Fall)
  • 20101 VCD 1: Fundamentals of Design (Fall)
  • 20110 DESN Matters Intro (Spring)
  • 24110 DESN Matters Into, DESN Think (Spring abroad)
  • 21100 ID:Dig Visualization Lab (co-requisite to CDT 20100 Fall)
  • 21102 VCD Software Tutorial (Fall)
  • 21110 D Think Lab (co-requisite to CDT 20110 Spring)
  • 30110 VCD 3: Digital Media Design (Fall/Spring)
  • 30120 Digital Solid Modeling(Fall)
  • 31120 Rapid Prototyping(Fall)
  • 31125 DESN 30131 VCD 6: Motion Design (Spring)
  • 31130 VCD 7: Interaction Design (Fall/Spring)
  • 31135 VCD 2 Typography (Spring)
  • 31140 Human-Computer Interaction(Fall)
  • 31150 Progrmng for Video Game Dev(Spring)
  • 31160 Practicum in Robotics(Spring)
  • 40120 VCD 10: Visualization of Data (Spring)
Cyber Safety and Security

This track allows students to focus on the vulnerabilities, threats, protections, investigations, and legalities associated with technology systems.

Course options with computational/digital focus:

  • 30200 Privacy and Security (Spring)
  • 37200 Tech Dev in Cyber Security (Fall)
  • 40200 Privacy & Security (Fall)
  • 40205 Computer Security (Spring)
  • 44205 Computer Security (abroad only w attributes)
  • 40210 Digital and Forensic Psychology
  • 40215 Introduction to Digital Forensics
  • 40216 Advanced Digital Forensics
  • 80216 Advanced Digital Forensics (Grad 3rd year Spring)
  • 40220 Cybercrime and the Law
  • 70220 Cybercrime and the Law (Grad 2rd year Fall)
  • 43230 Seminar in Forensic Psychology
Digital Humanities

This track allows students to focus on the ways in which technology can assist in the analysis and understanding of literature and textual information.

Course options with computational/digital focus:

  • 20310 Topics in Linguistics (Fall 2018)
  • 30320 Technologies of the American Novel(NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
  • 30330 Intro to Digital History(NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
  • 30340 History of San Francisco (NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
  • 30350 American Borderlands (NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
  • 30360 Introduction to Digital Humanities (Spring)
  • 30370 Models of the Human Person(NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
  • 30375 Literary Geographies of Gender(NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
  • 30380 Text Mining the Novel Description (NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
  • 34300 Human Language Technology (abroad-Spring)
  • 40310 Natural Language Processing (Fall 2018)

Course options without computational/digital focus (only one is allowed):


Digital Arts

This track allows students to focus on how technology can assist in the creation and display of artistic expression.

Course options with computational/digital focus:

  • 30405 Experiments in Narrative (Spring)
  • 30410 3D Digital Production for Animation and Video Games(Fall)
  • 30420 Sound and Music Design for Digital Media(Fall)
  • 30421 The Animation Course (Fall)
  • 30423 Applied Multimedia Tech(Spring)
  • 30425 Le Telenovela (Spring)
  • 30430 Internet Television Production(Spring)
  • 31410 VCD 1: Fundamentals of Design
  • 31420 ARST 20401 Photography 1(Fall/Spring)
  • 31425 ARST 30405 Photography II: Digital Wrkshp (Spring)
  • 31428 ARST 40408 The Photographic Portrait (Spring)
  • 31430 Extreme Photography(Fall)
  • 31440 Moving Pictures: An Introduction to Video and Sound(NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
  • 40420 Advanced 3D Digital Production(Spring)
  • 40430 Technological Concepts in Visual FX(Spring)
  • 40440 CAD for the Stage(NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
  • 37410 Technology Development in Digital Arts(FALL/SPRING)
  • 40510 Artificial Intelligence (NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
Cognitive Science

This track allows students to focus on the important role technology plays in the growing field of cognitive science.

Course options with computational/digital focus:

  • 31140 Human-Computer Interaction(Fall)
  • 40310 Natural Language Processing (Fall)
  • 40510 Artificial Intelligence(NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)

Course options without computational/digital focus (only one is allowed):

  • 20510 Science, Technology & Society (Fall)
  • 20515 Data & AI Ethics (Spring)
  • 20520 Minds, Brains, and Persons (Spring)
  • 24510 Robot Ethics (Sum online)
  • 24520 Tech & Innovation Ethics (Spring abroad)
  • 30510 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience(Fall)
  • 30520 Intro to Biopsychology(NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
  • 30530 Man and Machine: Humanity, Technology, and the Future(NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
  • 30540 Cognitive Psychology (Fall)
  • 30550 Learning and Memory (Spring)
  • 40530 Digital Technology, Society, and Ethics (NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
  • 43510 Philosophy of Mind (Spring)
  • 43520 Natural Language Semantics (NOT OFFERED AT THIS TIME)
Technology Development and Management

This track allows students to focus in the ways in which technology solutions can be can developed, implemented, managed, and maintained in organizations.

Course options with computational/digital focus:

  • 30200 Privacy and Security (Spring)
  • 34610 (NUS IS1105) Strategic IT Applications (study abroad course Spr2016)
  • 34620 Programming Practice (Matlab) (study abroad course Spr 2018)
  • 34630 Intro to Algorithms (study abroad course Spr 2018)
  • 34640 Theory of Computing (SVS course Spr 2018)
  • 34660 Data Management (Spring abroad 2020)
  • 34670 Data Storytelling (Spring abroad 2020)
  • 34680 Software Requirements Engineering (Spring abroad 2020)
  • 40200 Privacy & Security (Fall)
  • 40610 Case Studies in Computing-Based Entrepreneurship(Fall)
  • 40620 Software Development and Management
  • 40640 Data Science (Fall)
  • 44640 Data Science (Summer online)
  • 24641 R for Data Science (Summer online)
  • 24642 Python for Data Science (Summer online)
  • 34643 Probability & Statistics for Data Science (Summer online)
  • 40650 Entrepreneurship: Building a High-Tech Startup (Fall)

Course options without computational/digital focus (only one is allowed):

  • 20510 Science, Technology & Society (Fall)
  • 20515 Data & AI Ethics (Spring)
  • 24520 Tech & Innovation Ethics (Spring abroad 2020)
  • 40630 Ethical and Professional Issues(Fall)
  • 40530 Digital Technology, Society, and Ethics (NOT OFFERED AT THIS TIME)