Most CDT courses are cross-listed in other departments or programs on campus. In these cases, CDT will have a limited number of seats in these courses in any particular semester.  Students should keep this limited availability in mind when planning their CDT course schedules.

Specialty Courses May Change

Specialty track may come and go over time as other relevant classes are identified and approved, as new courses emerge, or as departments/programs change their course selections. Thus our specialty track course options will remain fluid so as to accommodate new developments or changes within the departments/programs that are partnering with CDT to offer this unique interdisciplinary minor.


Note that some CDT specialty courses may have prerequisites within the sponsoring departments or programs. In that case, CDT students are responsible for satisfying any necessary prerequisites in advance of taking those courses. Prerequisite courses may be outside of CDT requirements and in those cases students will need to take them as non-CDT electives.

Courses With and Without Computational or Digital Focus

As noted on the Requirements page, most, but not all CDT courses will have a significant computational or digital focus that involves student learning/use of technology. CDT students are limited to only one specialty course without such computational/digital focus. Courses of both types are clearly designated below for each track when applicable.

Required Core Courses

All program students need to take the core two semester (Fall-Spring) Elements of Computing (EOC) sequence in the Python programming language, along with the 1-credit seminar listed below. EOC 1 will be offered in the Fall, and may be offered in the Spring and Summer as well.  The Spring and Summer sections of EOC 1 are primarily for Data Science minor students who also have EOC 1 as a requirement in their program. Generally, we do not recommend that CDT students take EOC 1 in the Spring or Summer since the next opportunity to take EOC 2 will involve a substantial delay that most students do not find optimal for learning.

At the present time, EOC 2 is offered only in the Spring of each year.  We hope to have a Fall version of that course at some point.  Once EOC 2 gets offered in the Fall, then an EOC 1 - EOC 2 Spring/Summer-Fall sequence will be more reasonable.

Core Course Numbers

  • CDT 30010 Elements of Computing 1 (CSE 10101)
  • CDT 30020 Elements of Computing 2 (CSE 10102)
  • CDT 30030 Technology as a Profession

You can find out more about the EOC courses here and the Technology as a Profession seminar here.

Specialty Track Courses

Presently, we have specialty courses in the following four tracks.  A list of the courses offered last semester or in the coming semester in each of these tracks is provided at the links below. The lists for last semester will be replaced with the lists for the coming semester once the classes that will be available in the coming semester are finalized (usually just before pre-registration).

User Interface and Experience
Cyber Safety and Security
Digital Arts
Technology Development and Management