CSS Internship

In 2016, we started an exciting new internship program based on a partnership between the CDT program, the St. Joseph County Prosecutors Office, and St. Joseph County Law Enforcement (see latest description here). This paid internship program is an opportunity for select CDT students to work with the St. Joe County Cyber Crimes Unit to identify, investigate, and prosecute cyber criminals. Interns work along-side cyber-crime investigators and acquire valuable skills and knowledge about forensic analysis, investigative techniques, and various related legal matters.

Each year we expect at least one new opening in this program. We are especially interested in finding candidates who can remain in the program for consecutive years (i.e.,  sophomores or juniors) so that they can take advantage of the ongoing learning experiences that will more full develop the intern’s cyber investigative skill set.

Interested students should read the description here and contact me to see about the availability of positions. If positions are available, I will need a resume and the statement of interest described in the attachment. Internship positions involve 10-12 hrs. per week spent downtown in the Cyber Crimes unit and will pay around $8 per hr. Transportation to and from campus will be necessary but can be arranged for anyone not having personal transportation.

Other questions about this program should be directed to the people identified in the internship description.